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Tricky Tuesday: Colored Sugar

Here is a quick tip for today: Never pay for colored sugar again! Put 1/4 cup white granulated sugar in a zip-top bag. Add about 5 drops of any color liquid food coloring. Close the bag and knead with fingers until color is evenly dispersed. Voila! Instant colored sugar in any color you desire.


Unknown said...

Great tip! I swear, soon, you will make me a professional cake/cupcake decorator!

Cheap Geeks Anonymous

M @ Betty Crapper said...

Cool. What color did you make and what did you use the colored sugar for?

Lesa said...

I have done this before but just mixed it right up in a bowl. I'm going to try the zip-lock bag idea. It wouldn't be as messy as trying to mix in a bowl. Great tip!

SRI said...

Thanks for friending me on Blogfrog! Love the tip.

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