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Look What I Found!

Are you a fan of the Food Network show Ace of Cakes and the featured bakery Charm City Cakes? If you are you need to check out the new Duff products at Michael's. Created by the bakery owner, Duff Goldman, these products offer endless decorating opportunities. From fondant and icing to sprinkles and tools, you will have everything you need. There are even boxes of cake mix.

Here are a few more items:

Cake Tattoos

Decorating Sets

Spray on Color
Head to your local Michael's Craft Store to check out these products. I know I will! Let me know what you get and how you use it!


Sara said...

Wow thanks for the award! Now I can't wait until Friday to see what it is for. I'm still so new to blogging I'm not sure what the proper way to communicate is but I figured this will work ;)...


Kelly said...

Ack! Those cake tattoos are way too cool!!

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